Our Super Soft Microfiber Cleaning Mop Pads and Cloths are easy to handle, wring out easier and dry faster than synthetic, natural chamois or conventional cotton cleaning products.


For over 10 years, we have been  distributing an excellent line of over 40 environmentally preferable and effective commercial cleaning products nationwide.


Stabilized Aqueous Ozone is a simpler, safer, more sustainable way to clean and saniize hard surfaces. 

No storing. No mixing. No pouring.

Best of all no chemicals.  

​​Our suite of products have been carefully selected to bring you not only the latest technology in green cleaning, but also to save costs, reduce toxic and hazardous chemicals, improve indoor air quality, and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Since 2007, we have been providing environmentally preferable cleaning products that minimize the burden on human health and the environment and have a proven record in commercial operations.