The Lotus Pro cleans and santizes all hard surfaces,  including stainless steel and windows.  Also excellent on floors and carpets.  Click on the image to learn more.

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For over ten years,  Sierra Natural Cleaners has been helping change the face of "green cleaning"; and for 15 yearsMark and his wife, Marie-Angele, have been introducing green cleaning options before "green cleaning" became mainstream.


Sierra Natural Cleaners grew out of a concern for the health and well being for workers, for the environment, and for our planet.   Early on, Mark and Marie-Angele learned that the average room attendant or janitor handles 60 pounds of hazardous waste a year using "traditional" cleaners; and  heard first hand from janitors and room attendants the positive health impact they experienced when they started using natural cleaners without sacrificing product performance (some said they no longer went home with nosebleeds or headaches).

It is with this backdrop that Sierra Natural Cleaners came into being.  As such, our commitment to the environment and to worker health continues to be the foundation for our business.  We are constantly seeking new, innovative products to support our clients'business and environmental goals, and believe we have come up with a suite of products that save money (up to 50%); eliminate completely the need for toxic and hazardous chemicals; and reduce the collective carbon footprint.

At the forefront of our product offerings is Tersano's Lotus Pro - a 100% chemical fre cleaning solution which converts regular tap water into Stabilized Aqeous Ozone (SAO).  This cleaning system is 50 times more powerful than chlorine bleach as it cleans and santizes  all hard surfaces, such as stainless steel and windows (and is an excellent carpet extractor, we might add!).   School districts, Universities across the country, airports, and hotels ranging from small inns to five star luxury resorts are among the businesses who have found the Lotus ProMAXIMIZES their cleaning efforts and MINIMIZES their costs and employee health risks.

Supporting the Lotus Pro is a line of  40 natural cleaning chemicals we carry for the few areas the Lotus Pro doesn't cover (residential laundry, hand soap, hand dishwashing detergent, commerical kitchen products,  degreasers, etc). One of the very first company's back in the late 1990's to develop a full line of commercial, naturally derived cleaners, these products are a perfect way to complement and support your environmental goals.

Application of the products itself is an often overlooked piece of the puzzle, and we at Sierra Natural Cleaners has made it easy with our microfiber selections which clean better and more efficiently than conventional cleaning products, actually picking up the dust and dirt. Our Super Soft Microfiber Cleaning Mop Pads and Cloths are easy to handle, wring out easier and dry faster than synthetic, natural chamois or conventional cotton cleaning products.

It is important to us that what we offer our clients is a "win" in all aspects of your business - financially, environmentally, and humanitarily.  We would love to hear from you and learn how can assist with YOUR "win"!!

For more information on these products, or for a free consutlation, please call Mark Wilkinson at 619-300-3003.

Working Together for the Health of Our Planet!